The Falcon is a neo-noir short story, set in a hyperrealistic, unnamed city. This particular city is dominated by the Hit List, and all the hitmen who follow it. The best of all the hitmen is Swingin’ Joe, the most famous in the business. But a couple of weeks ago, Joe offed someone he shouldn’t have—and now he’s run afoul of The Falcon, the city’s biggest crime boss. Joe is about to have a very bad time.

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Here’s what you’ve got to understand: I’m not the type of cat who gets foiled by a dame.

But this dame was something else – like a steam train running off its tracks and taking a whole damned town with it.

I met her at The Horse and Cart, an old dive downtown wedged between a meat warehouse and an empty shop the needle brigade took over to cook up their junk.

By habit more than happenstance I was at the bar, caressing my usual whiskey, when she walked in. I’m normally one for blondes, but every now and again a redhead like this knocked my proverbials off.

She was slathered in an emerald dress which was wrapped in black mink, and she had two particular areas of curves I was interested in, along with the longest legs I’d seen since Tuesday. I eyeballed her as she sauntered over to a corner booth and sat down, crossing one thigh over the other.

Tom Brady, the proprietor of the establishment, leant forward over the bar.

“You see the gams on that?”

Every cat in the joint had seen them, but I said “I ain’t here to look at no gams.”

I stretched out my hand, mighty painful from the fight I’d had last week. I was getting gray, inside and out. Damnation.

– Excerpt from The Falcon

the short film

The Falcon was adapted into a short film in 2016. The film stars Thomas Petrakos as Swingin’ Joe and Marissa O’Reilly as Lulu. You can watch the film below!