liquid metal

Liquid metal is a creative short piece that originally appeared on Mood of Monk.

Flicker. Eyes closed. Darkness.

Flicker. Open. The world is saturated red.

Diamonds drip off a threadbare tree, waving alone on the dead sandy plain.

Liquid metal slithers up legs and wraps around bodies, smothering skin. It finds the secret spots and hides inside. It knows what you are thinking, every dirty little thing. It sees the flick of your hair, the half smile, the cheap satin sheets marked with sweat.

A beast pounces and lands, crushing the tree, screaming thunder that courses in tidal fury. It snarls, bearing jagged teeth.

A white spectre trips gently over them, tooth by tooth, her head raised to the blood moon, eyes squeezed shut. Feeling. Heart beating against skin. Blood pounding through veins. Exhaling with arousal.

Her hair is a sinister silver wave, the mane of a mustang galloping through the air, chasing the primal spark that drives it ever forward.

It snorts as it runs, knowing it will hunt forever, never satisfied. A single tear drops from its crazed eyes, a gleaming acid that breaks on the plain.

It ripples, prickles, sizzles, melts.

Steam rises. The world ends. Destroy me with beauty. Lay me with aggression. Tell me you love me. Lie to me. Promise you’ll lie. Lie upon lie.

Whisper it into my ear until nothing remains but the echo echo echo…

– Liquid Metal by Jenna Cosgrove