2121 is a retro dystopian web series. In writing the series, I wanted to pay homage to the retro shows and films I love in the dystopian genre, such as Logan’s Run, Soylent Green, and THX1138. The series centres around a dystopian future where an AI called Counsel oversees and subjugates the population. In this world, a rebel group called Defiance are rising up and planning on taking Counsel down…

2121 was filmed was filmed in Melbourne, Australia, starring TV legend Gary Sweet and up-and-comer Briar Rose. It was funded by Australia’s most prestigious film body, Screen Australia, and has over 1 million views online.



First they built the wall, and we did nothing—for we were safe inside the wall.

Then, they cleaned the air and the water, and we did nothing—for we wanted to breathe and to drink.

Then, the dictated what we could say and do, so we said and did nothing—for those were our orders.

Finally, they had complete control, and it was too late—they had lulled our spirits into that deep, long sleep of apathy.

But me? I woke up. And I’m not the only one. We’ve opened our eyes to this nightmare we were complicit in creating.

And now that we’re awake? We have a craving for a reckoning.

– Excerpt from 2121, Episode 1